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Well managed trees not only look better, they are safer for your home and family as well. Which is why, at Carolina Tree Service, we offer licensed and insured tree removal and trimming. Our expert arborists also offer fence installation and debris removal to Monroe, NC. With everything we do, your land will look pristine.

Do you have an ugly tree that is falling apart in your yard? Hire our master arborists today to take care of the issue for you. Tree removal can be a tricky process that requires certain tools and equipment. That being said, it is a project that is best left to insured professionals. Our team will safely and efficiently remove your tree without leaving a trace behind. Trust the local business whose owner has over 20 years on the job. Give us a call today!

Our business is located in Monroe, NC. However, we also offer tree removal service to towns within a one hour radius on Monroe, NC. These towns include:

Indian Trail
Mint Hill

Carolina Tree Service
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Tree Removal
Monroe, North Carolina
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Carolina Tree Service
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Tree Trimming

With moisture heavy in the air and the warm southern temperatures, tree branches can get out of hand in a hurry. Don’t forget to schedule your tree trimming service to keep those branches at bay. Regular tree trimming has major benefits for your home in Monroe, NC. This is because a tree trimming service will add curb appeal to your home. Tree trimming also reduces the chance of a fallen branch which could damage your property.

Looking for the best licensed and insured tree removal and tree trimming service near you? Trust Carolina Tree Service in Monroe, NC to get the job done right. Our team of arbor care experts will assess the trees on your lot. In doing so, they will determine which branches are damaged or diseased. Then, potentially hazardous and unattractive branches will be cut. The best part? All this will be done by insured professionals in a timely fashion. What’s more, our team will leave your property looking pristine.

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Are you in need of a privacy fence installation to keep out those nosy neighbors? Or, are you working on your dream home in Monroe, NC and just need to complete the look with a white picket fence? Talk to your local fence installation experts. Our business offers so much more than tree removal. We are in the business of making your home look amazing. That includes installing the perfect fence for your style and needs.

Like most of our services, a fence installation adds both value and security to your home. With a privacy fence, your family and property are protected from intrusion. A new fence will also improve the appearance of your home. Meet with our expert team to choose the right fence installation for your property. Whether you need added privacy or curb appeal we’ve got your fence installation covered

Reach out today for your fence installation or tree removal! We can’t wait to work with you!

Carolina Tree Service

Fence Installation

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Carolina Tree Service
Debris Removal

Spring storms and falling leaves have a tendency to leave your yard looking a little rough. Don’t let debris ruin all the mowing and watering you do to keep your property looking its best. Our team of professionals are ready to tackle your debris removal. From massive piles of autumn leaves to fallen branches, we’ll take it all away. Never stress about debris removal again! We have the tools and equipment to take care of your debris removal so that you don’t have to. Hire the best debris removal team around to whip your yard into shape in no time flat!

Types of debris removal in Monroe, NC and the surrounding areas:

fallen trees and branches
dead plants and foliage
yard debris
Give us a call today for your debris or tree removal! We also offer tree trimming services in Monroe, NC to prevent fallen branches.

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Give us a call today for your tree removal cost estimate! Our hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. We look forward to hearing from you!

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